Over the years, transitions in one’s life are inevitable.  The transition from a crib to a bed, picture books to chapter books, middle school to high school, flip phones to smartphones…there are so many changes occurring simultaneously with one’s growth.  

The transition I have struggled with year after year, however, is the transition of seasons.

You know that time of the year when it’s not cold but it’s also not hot and you are ever-so-conflicted?  Is it a jacket kind-of-day?  Is it a run towards the door jacket-less and hope you are inside for hours kind-of-day?  And then you don’t wear a jacket and regret it after walking out of your house and shivering uncontrollably…mhmmm…I get it.  Usually I keep a collection of jackets in my closet way more than I take them out because to be honest, I’d rather wear one to two layers of comfortable, easy clothing without feeling the chills.  The struggle is real…especially during the months of October and November.

For that reason, I have been wearing tons of fall transition pieces that do not require an extra layer, or require a light weight, perfectly easy jacket that you won’t be upset about.  Two layers at most, I promise.

Comfiness is key.


Sweater Dress

Screams “fall”; feels like heaven

Layered Dress

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Not as risky as a sleeveless dress but still adorable!

Leather Jacket

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This faux leather jacket is lightweight, edgy, and goes with just about anything

Light weight Sweatshirt

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Comfy, cute, and a practical fall must-have

Overalls over a Sweater

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A perfect compromise to still rock overalls during the chilly months

Oversized tee shirt with over-the-knee socks.

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Can’t go wrong with an oversized tee!

Sweater with cut outs

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Thin sweater with some extra edgy details

Tap to shop my looks & enjoy your transition season!


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