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These past two weeks, I was lucky enough to be one of 44 girls who got to experience Seventeen magazine from the inside out. On July 24, I packed my bags and went to New York City, preparing for an experience of a lifetime. This two-week program gave me an inside look at Seventeen Magazine through various angles. From hanging out with the editorial department, to observing how the magazine is designed the art department, I got to witness it all. We spent the majority of our time at the Hearst Tower, the headquarters of Seventeen magazines as well as many others (Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, etc.). In addition, we visited companies such as Chinese Laundry, Cotton Incorporated, Macy’s, and JC Penny to open our eyes to the endless possibilities in the fashion world.

The lovely Art Department office at Seventeen
The lovely Art Department office at Seventeen

A few highlights:

  • Helping the Features Team choose which photo to put on a future cover of Seventeen
  • Visiting the Art Department and observing the process behind designing the magazine cover
  • Attending the Editby17 launch party—Seventeen’s clothing line (check it out! http://editby17.com)
  • Getting our hair done by Chi Hair Care and then being featured in a photo-shoot in Studio D, one of Seventeen’s photo studios
  • Touring Cosmopolitan Magazine’s office: where the snapchat magic happens!
  • Designing our own Keds at the DKC public relations office
  • Getting a sneak peek of American Eagle’s winter clothing line in their showroom
  • Skyping with fashion blogger Jacey Duprie—creator of Damselindior

Here are the most important tips I learned to make your way into the fashion/magazine industry or to just make your way through life:


Seventeen’s Publishing Department: Advice on the workforce and life in general


  • Internships will lead you to success: and you never know where they might take you!
  • Write thank you notes: do anything you can to stand out
  • Be mindful of what you put on social media
  • Look up—absorb what is around you
  • You are a walking advertisement: make a good impression
  • Preparation is key: before you enter an interview…prepare and research!
  • Find connections with people you may want to work for


Seventeen’s Digital Team: Advice on successful social media use


  • Be both creative and professional
  • Social media is fast paced: be ready to move quickly
  • Figure out how to make a basic story interesting to readers
  • Pay attention to analytics & engagement: see what your viewers liked and what they may not have liked: shape your future posts around your audience
  • Stay active on instagram! Post consistently: pick a focus and stick to it
  • Bring your perspective/background and unique style to your social media platform
  • Have a mix of photos on your feed: change it up once in a while


David Carey, President of Hearst: Advice on being successful in the workforce


  • Media is constantly changing…stay grounded in the midst of this change
  • Stay on task: focus
  • Preparation: put effort and time into everything you do: it’ll be worth it
  • Keep moving with high energy


Fashion Blogger Jacey Duprie; Damselindior: Advice on creating a successful blog


  • Post pictures/writing that you feel that others will relate to
  • Find out what you don’t want to do: it’ll help lead you to what you want to do
  • Start a blog for fun! It may turn into something more
  • Find a balance: blogging can be overwhelming
  • There are so many possible collaborations out there


Members of the NY Fashion Tech Lab: Advice from entrepreneurs on creating a successful business


  • Find a problem that exists: find a solution—talk to people and share opinions
  • Rule of Three: find three things you can do to help reach your goal
  • Find your advocates: people who will help you succeed
  • Learn from successful businesses
  • Create an elevator pitch: be able to hook your audience in 60 seconds
  • Have a compelling story: be passionate

President and future CEO of Macy’s, Jeff Gennette and a few other workers: Advice on building a successful department store


  • Embrace every customer and their needs
  • Take risks
  • Make the message you are trying to convey relevant to the current world
  • You will learn more everyday: be open to it
  • You never know where a mentor will come from
  • Success is a marathon not a sprint
  • Don’t let other people affect you
  • Do what you want to do, not what you think you should do


Human Resources at Hearst: Advice on Interviewing and getting the job that you want


  • Keep your options open: try everything and you might surprise yourself
  • Present yourself well in an interview: show passion and personality
  • Your interview starts at the time you first contact someone
  • Find common ground with your interviewer
  • Follow up with a thank you email—make it personal…pick something out to make yourself memorable
  • Before taking a job, make sure you would be happy there
  • Always be overdressed for an interview: play it safe
  • Stay on top of the industry (check out “womensweardaily” and “thebusinessoffashion”)



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