Fashion Drives me

I can’t exactly explain how, or why, but all I know is that it drives me to be, well, me. I wake up in the morning with the motivation to pick out an outfit that will make me feel good, I pin and screenshot new inspirations during the day, and I fall asleep at night with images of must-haves ingrained in my mind.


Ultimately, I have learned to take the time to meticulously pick out my outfits so that I can always present myself in the best possible way, no matter how tired I am (aka before school). An outfit can say a lot about me, or anyone for that matter.  From an early age, I have decided to express myself as positively as possible.


My mornings usually work like this–I frantically pull out pieces of clothing until I find something I’m excited about wearing.  While I trust myself in the process, my outfits usually depend on my mom’s approval.  As a stylist, she always knows what’s best, and what may not make the cut.  If she is happy with the final product, I’m happy.  If she isn’t, odds are I’ll be running upstairs to even more frantically change into a “worthy” outfit.  But trust me, this process is something that I love to do.  I could spend hours upon hours creating outfits on the floor of my room.


So, as I’m on my way to any destination, I drive with confidence, knowing I am presenting myself in the best light.  Leaving the house feeling like your outfit is “on point” is key to making an ordinary day a great day.



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