Welcome to inthesejeans!

Hi!!  I am so excited to finally share my fashion inspiration with you!!

Who am I?  My name is Erin! I am a typical 16-year-old girl: busy, trying to finish up my last two years of high school.  The one thing that keeps me grounded– (behind my family and friends of course) is fashion.  You could probably find me on my phone 24-7, pinning countless amounts of outfits, finding the trendiest fashion instagram accounts, and of course, reading mass amounts of fashion blogs.

I have been experimenting in the fashion industry, including taking sewing lessons, completing pre-college fashion design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and taking a part of a fashion ambassador program at Nordstrom.

Every piece of clothing counts! Since I was 3-years-old, I would not leave the house without a full outfit consisting of sunglasses, bracelets, and a purse.  And to this day, I still do not leave the house without the same three items.

Why am I here?  I have waited waaay too long to finally create this blog.  I am so eager to share my outfits and inspiration with all of you!

Why are you here?  To (hopefully) follow along with my fashion journey!  You will gain insight into my young fashion perspective.

More to come!


instagram: @inthesejeans

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