The DO’S and DON’TS of Black Friday


The long awaited Black Friday has passed, and if you waited on those two hours lines, I am so impressed, and if you didn’t, don’t worry, you still have time to find sales! Trust me, after all these years of living through Black Friday, I have learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of Black Friday.


DON’T: go to the mall on Black Friday no matter how good the sale is.

It is packed from door to door, and you’ll waste so much time waiting in line while you could be shopping.

DO: Go to the mall on Thanksgiving.

Full from your meal? Going to the mall is the perfect activity to burn off a few calories! There are tons of sales beginning on Thanksgiving, and trust me, many malls open around 6. You can get the same deals on Thanksgiving as you can on Black Friday and the mall won’t be as packed. It is the perfect shopping opportunity!

DON’T: Go to the mall at 2am.

While it sounds like a fun adventure to go to the mall in the middle of the night on Black Friday, first of all, you’ll be so exhausted that you’ll probably end up buying more than you should because you cannot even think clearly. Go to the mall when you are awake and alert.

DO: Online shop on Black Friday.

Many of the best Black Friday deals are just a few clicks away! Why leave your house when you can find great sales online? Many of these deals extend through Cyber Monday so get going soon!

            Some of the amazing offers:

            Urban Outfitters: extra 30% off on sale items

            Forever 21: up to 70% off and free shipping

            H&M: deals from $4.99 valid through 11/28/15

            Pacsun: 50% off entire store and Free shipping through 11/28/15

DON’T: Buy something just because it is on sale.

Everything looks more appealing when it is on sale, but don’t just buy an item that will sit on your closet just because it was a bargain. Be smart about your purchases.

Shop away!!


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